This exam is conducted to identify the aspiring candidates who wish to practice law in India. Unlike other examination, it is conducted twice in a year. Another uniqueness of this exam is it is an open book exam. The exam says whether the candidate has cleared or failed in the entrance, as this exam emphasise to set the criteria to become a lawyer.

The examination will be held in major cities of India & candidates can choose any one of the 9 languages available as their medium of instruction. An applicant can write the exam as many times as they wish. The application will be available in the month of July till September

The applications can be availed by paying Rs.1300/- in state bar councils or by making a request to All India Bar examination inclusive of study materials.

The study materials will be distributed to applicants from the month of August till November. The application can’t be availed through online.

There are two category in the examination namely Category 1 & category 2. T In order to clear the exam candidates are required to score minimum marks of 31 in category 1 and 9 marks in category 2. All decisions will be finalized by the expert committee. The some of the subjects covered in Category 1 are as follows:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution,
  • Constitutional Law,
  • Jurisprudence,
  • Professional Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct for Advocates,
  • Criminal Law I: The Indian Penal Code,
  • Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act,
  • Contract Law, including Specific Relief, Special Contracts, and Negotiable Instruments,
  • Criminal Procedure,
  • Drafting, Pleading, and Convincing,
  • Evidence,
  • Property Law.

The topics covered in Category 2 are listed below:

  • Administrative Law,
  • Public International Law,
  • Principles of Taxation Law,
  • Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Consumer Protection Law,
  • Labor and Industrial Law,
  • Human Rights Law,
  • Environmental Law,
  • Family Law,
  • Company Law.

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