AIJS 2016 Eligibility Criteria

All India Judicial Services (AIJS)

In India, we have many legal cases that need judgment and also there are many cases that last for many years in the court.

Also the number of people using the court is increasing rapidly which results in late judgment and easy escape of the criminal.

One solution that could be thought for this problem is to increase the number of judges across the country.

AIJS is a central government initiative for recruiting judges directly.

This initiative was approved by the Supreme Court in the year 2008 and has not implemented till date.

This is due to the difference in opinion between the state and central government.

Some practical difficulties in implementing the exam include setting the standard and eligibility to take the examination.

Though we have these issues regarding the exam, but once if it is implemented, this could be a dream for young lawyers aspiring to become a judge.

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